Project Description

Founded in 2013 Designer Wardrobe is a New Zealand based online marketplace for women to sell, buy and rent pre loved designer clothes, shoes and accessories.

Originally starting as a Facebook group, Designer Wardrobe branched out with their own website which is used by over 25,000 active members.


After noticing the increase use and time spent on mobile devices, Designer Wardrobe saw the opportunity to enhance the accessibility to their site through developing an app experience to match their current offerings.


  • To focus on navigation and functionality to deliver a seamless and enjoyable experience for both buyers and sellers
  • To create a safe and secure marketplace while streamlining the payment process
  • To enhance user’s experiences by allowing for greater personalisation


Roam underwent the design and development of the Designer Wardrobe’s app for iOS devices.

Collaborating with Designer Wardrobe, the app’s interface was designed to align it with Designer Wardrobe’s existing web presence. 

The development process included the implementation of several features within the app. Firstly users begin their experience through logging into their current account or by signing up via Facebook or email. From there users can set up or update their profile.

Users can enter their dress and shoe size to allow for customised searches, follow their favourite sellers and brands alongside suggested friends who have accounts. The option to opt in to real time push notifications in relations to their listings, new followers and new messages received is also available.  A user’s profile is public for other users to view who they are following, are followed by, what brands they like, their current listing and feedback they have received.

Once these details have been entered users can search from item categories, items being sold, items for rent as well as items wanted by other users. Filters by brands, size and colour can also be applied when searching for an easy and customised experience. 

Browsing through the app is complimented with a personalised news feed which updates a user on the latest items added by their favourite sellers and brands.

Additional features have also been included to enhance the exchange between sellers and buyers. Selling items has become more simplified through a quick action button in the middle of the tab. Using the Designer Wardrobe Valet service people are able to get a courier package sent to them to put in the clothes they want to get rid of. From there Designer Wardrobe handles the rest.

For buyers buyers can communicate with sellers by allowing members to ask questions on listings and private message sellers after a successful purchase. Similarly the ordering process for rented items has been simplified by displaying the times the item is available within the calendar month. Price sensitive members also benefit through a ‘make an offer’ feature that has been included within the app.

The app communicates these offers to the correct corresponding sellers that can either accept or reject.

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