Project Description

Dropin is a micro-location service that wakes up persons phones as they enter an interior space. From here a business can provide a much more fluid and personalised customer journey when in-store for their most loyal audience.  Management can see the amount of foot traffic inside their buildings to help make more informed business decisions and promote during leaner periods.


Roam has always been driven to marry clever hardware with beautiful software. This was an internal project that we delivered to show off what we could do in this space.

Originally designed as an over the top (OTT) play for hospitality and customer service providers it allows the business owner the opportunity to see what is happening on the floor within their locations.


  • Connective devices and micro locaiton hardware
  • Dashboard app analytics

The Dropin solution can be broken down into three key areas.

Firstly there are Dropin smartphone apps that are used to reach customers. These iBeacon enabled apps are specifically designed and developed for a client’s business or event. This customise solution is undergone to ensure the needs of their customers are tailored to effectively.

Customers who download an iBeacon enabled iOS or Android app allow for iBeacons (Droplets) to detect their presence via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as they enter a store.

Once customers are detected by Roam’s Droplets (iBeacons) information about the customer is sent to a corresponding Dropshop iPad app.

Dropshop displays a dashboard where business owners and staff can view who is in store, which area they are the located as well as how long they have been in store for. Access to recent and past customer data is also available.

Customers are identified by a profile, which they have set up on their Dropin enabled smartphone app. This allows staff to get a quick view of the customer’s name, when they last visited, their past purchase history, which department or area they are currently located in, how long they have been in the store for as well as any notes staff may have previously added, such as their hobbies, interests and personality.

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With this knowledge staff have a greater understanding of how to communicate with customers and can provide a more personalised experience. Knowing past purchasing habits also supports staff to streamline operations and assists in cross selling. By knowing past purchase history staff are provided with some background context which they can use to suggest other items that would interest or appeal to the consumer.

Insights about how people interact within a space such as heat mapping analysis retrieved from Droplets (iBeacons) can also be obtained. These features contributes to resource saving initiatives such as time of day planning as well as helps test changes in store layouts.

The Dropshop app can further improve business operations by enhancing Point of Sale (POS) systems. Dropshop has the ability to integrate a series of different features to a POS system to help a business or particular event operate more efficiently.

Not only do these features make the transaction process faster for a customer but provides an enjoyable experience.

The third key feature of Dropin is the reporting dashboard and management platform. Business owners and managers are provided a hub of information where they can identify and track their most valuable customers, monitor and manage Droplets (iBeacons) and retrieve in store analytics.

Each aspect of the Dropin platform works seamlessly together to deliver the ultimate service for our clients.



Delivers valuable insights

Dropin helps businesses make informed decisions by gathering, analysing and simplifying a vast amount of data from Dropin enabled user apps, Dropshop and Droplets (iBeacons). Being displayed on the Dropin dashboard key results can be easily identified and future planning can be undergone accordingly.

Introduces cost savings

Dropin provides a new way to lower costs. Due to the advantages of having access to customer insights businesses can improve how they utilise resources. By identifying peak times more resources such as staff can be distributed efficiently to ensure there are no shortages or wastage of resources.

Transforms companies into digital businesses

Through implementing Dropin into your business you will begin to be recognised as a digital and innovative business. As consumers preferences evolve to favour businesses with digital offerings, Dropin is useful tool to communicate and analyse customers through mobile.

As digital transformation becomes more apparent, Dropin grows to be a valuable asset to incorporate within your business to be seen as a digital leader in your industry.

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